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Teaching and Singing Philosophy

"Singing at its best is the fullness of life expressing itself directly and freely in song. Like the eyes, the voice is a mirror of the soul and if the vocal organs are totally free and the voice perfectly supported and carried by a sensitive, powerful and free breath, all the nuances of life will find direct and spontaneous expression in the singing.

Like all creative activity singing can emerge from the deep inner stillness of being, totally new and free. Of course, both intellect and feeling are needed for the exploration and memorization of the music and the poetry.

In my personal experience, in recitals, opera and oratorio, all the best performances felt like a gift. They seemed to flow from some mysterious realm, from deep inside.

Learning how to surrender to the breath, to the great mystery of life, how to escape the prison of constant thought, and how to find the inner freedom and vulnerability to music and poetry is extremely freeing and fascinating. It can allow one to express one's deepest feelings and greatest truth and beauty.

There are a number of things one needs to know about how the voice functions most easily and naturally, but they are simple and totally natural.

I find the work with young colleagues very enjoyable and inspiring. It is also for me a process of continual learning.

At the Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid, where I chair the vocal department, I also teach acting, help students work on their stage skills and direct opera scenes, which are performed in our auditorium. Learning, refining ones craft as an actor and gaining performance experience is very important at the beginning of a career.

The finding of freedom in singing can be seen as a step on the path to personal freedom in life."
Tom Krause